One Cent Test Buy. A Buying Service You Prayed for


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One Cent Test Buy

One Cent Test Buy. A Truly Unique Online Shopping Idea

Yes, A handy One Cent Test Buy. And a fabulous free eBook to boot. Why would you even want it? Let’s find out shall we?

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One Cent Test Buy, The service that will make you say “Thank Heavens”. Others Should Give this level of Buying Confidence.

One Cent Test Buy

A World’s First?

i cent buying test

April at the Antique Alley

- 1 -

A Xara Smith Mystery

This is the 4th book in the Xara Smith Mystery Genre. All Xara wants is a few days R &; R.  And that is why she and partner Jill are cruising around. They do this in a large rented truck. And what they’re doing is some interesting shopping for antiques.

April at the Antique Alley

- 2 -

Owner Murdered

1 cent test. The holidays come to a quick end when the owner of the antique store is found dead, murdered. Xara helps the police solve the mystery of the murder. And saves Jill from the killer. Just by with a little trick she learnt, using her car keys.

April at the Antique Alley

- 3 -

Xara's Girl-Friend

The novel even sports a thrilling chase scene, and in this episode we first meet Xara’s new girl-friend, explore their relationship together. And then secretly spend a little time spying on them, in Xara’s new hot tub.

One Cent Test Buy


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