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Candle wax out of jars. Yes. So, you justified the purchase of expensive candles by telling yourself that you would reuse the bottle when the candles were gone. We listen to you. However, it is possible to turn the waxed container into a collector of vases and trinkets.

Learn how to take all wax out of festive glass jar bottles and bring new life to those containers, regardless of shape or size. You don’t need special equipment or a lot of time, just cooking and a little patience. Read on to find out how to get all the wax out of a jar candle once and for all.


The cold hardens and shrinks the wax, making it easier to remove. Therefore, there is an old trick of using ice cubes to remove wax from the carpet. If the pot has a narrow mouth, use a butter knife, or a spoon if the wax is soft, to crush the large pieces of wax that remain in the container.

Overnight freezing gets the candle wax out of jars

Place the candle in the freezer for a few hours or until it freezes. The wax should come out of the container, but you can loosen it with a butter knife if needed. Remove residue and clean the container with soap and water.


You can also use hot water to remove the candle wax out of jars. Place the candle on a towel or newspaper protected surface. Use a butter knife or spoon to remove as much wax as possible. Pour boiling water into the bowl, leaving space at the top. (If the candle is made of soft wax such as soybeans, you can use hot, non-boiling water.)

Boiling water melts the wax and pushes it up. Let the water cool and remove the wax. Filter the water to remove small pieces of wax. (Do not flush the wax into the drain). Remove any remaining wax and clean with soap and water.


This method is suitable when you need to clean multiple containers at once. Remove as much wax as possible with a butter knife or spoon. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and lay aluminum foil or one or two layers of parchment in a rimmed pan.

Turn the candle upside down and put it in the pot, then put the pot in the oven. The wax dissolves within about 15 minutes. Take out the pot and place it on a heat-resistant surface. Hold the container with a towel or cloth and wipe the inside with a paper towel. Allow the container to cool and then clean it with soap and water. Voila! You’ve successfully “vaporized” all candle wax out of jars.

Candle wax out of jars, Scented Glass Jar Candles

Get all that candle wax out of jars


Remove as much wax as possible with a butter knife or spoon. Place the candle in a metal pot or bowl with a large heat-resistant surface. (You can put a folded cloth under the candle to keep the candle out of the pot.) Pour boiling water into the pot around the candle to keep the water out of the candle pot.
Leave the pot in hot water until the wax is soft. Hold the pan with one hand and melt the wax with a butter knife. Remove the container from the water, collect the wax and wash with soap and water.

Summarily then, when you’re ready, don’t throw away the expensive candle. Learn how to take the candle Wax Out Of Jars here and give it a second life in its beautiful container. Nq_572

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