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Holiday decorations

Get ready before christmas

Everything for your plants

From cactus to tropical plants

Handmade jewelries

Perfect gift for her

I and my talented team produce exquisite handmade products.

Get yourself a truly unique and original product that can’t be found anywhere in any department store.  All goods are perfectly individual,. No one else will have one exactly like yours.

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Christmas decorations


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Handmade jewelry

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My personal picks

These are my personal favorites as well as customer best sellers

Everything you need for your indoor plants.

Love your plant friends and they will love you

Not only beautifully increasing the inherent atmosphere of any space, indoor plants can gently sway in the breeze and breath life and aroma into your room.

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Holiday decorations

Holidays are the perfect time to gift handmade goods to all your dear ones

All products are handmade by myself and only the best artisans

Handmade goods by the best artisans. All are handmade

Buying handmade goods is greener. No factories and only a small carbon footprint when you buy direct from the Creator’s Bench.

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Meet me, the main artist behind these most unique products

Meet the artist behind the most unique products

Your handmade product will be made with love, care and quality. You just don’t get that from a bulk seller.

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Items for her

Simply revel in gorgeous goods, handmade for the sensitive one in your life.

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Hot-off-the-Press items certain to melt even the hardest heart.

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